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Last year we repaired a log house in Wicklow with great success. Interesting that the original Log Company had no interest helping their client of 14 years earlier. The cross posts suffered from the weather and had become rotten. Because of this part of the roof had sunken by about 100mm. Also of note was that other builders had suggested steel and other solutions to hold up the roof at greater expense and with an ugly result. The corner of the  prevailing wind and rain side had also rotted. There were three problems that needed attention:

New Posts

New Posts

1) We had to raise the roof level which had dropped by about 100mm. We did this by means of acros and a good car jack.


2) We had to replace the 4 log cross posts. Personally I don’t like log cross posts so we replaced these with tanilised douglas posts from Rathdrum Wood Industries. With the acros in place we cut out the cross posts and kept the good ones. When we replaced the posts, there was no need for adjustable bolts as the building had already settled.


3) Finally we cut out the rotten corner. Then we matched in new logs by stepping, glueing and screwing the new logs. I tell a lie it wasn’t new timber it was the the good log cross posts that we kept. That saved us a lot of time because the saddle joints were already there with matching log profile. To finish we replaced and tidied up the decking.



Eamon Murray


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