Positive Properties of Timber & Log

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exterior20We feel there is a bias against timber & log despite these positive attributes:

  • It produces low Co2 emissions
  • Log homes can achieve a B1 BER Energy Rating or higher
  • Timber is a sustainable and renewable resource
  • It is eco friendly
  • Healthy
  • Aesthetically pleasing and
  • Log houses work well alongside sources of renewable & sustainable energy.

1      Wood is carbon neutral; this means that the carbon dioxide emitted by manufacturing timber is equal to the carbon dioxide absorbed by growing trees and so the carbon cycle remains intact. Every cubic metre of wood used saves 2 tonnes of Co2 being emitted.


2      “With an air tight structure a good B1 rating can be achieved or even an A3 rating for log houses”. This was an energy analysis report by Brendan Power of Acorn Energy for our sample log house for ‘The Village’, Ireland’s first eco-village, to be built in Cloughjordan, North Tipperary.


3      The timber used comes from certified sustainable forests and is a renewable resource. Finland’s Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Ms Anttila stated in 2007  “The Baltic States should continue to be active pioneers, both in increasing eco-efficiency and in shifting the focus from non-renewable resources to renewable resources. More efficient, sustainable use of raw materials, in combating the threats of climate change will be key issues in determining the future of mankind.”


4      There is very little waste and a clean site during construction. All of the wood removed from the forest is used, if not as raw material, then as energy for example wood pellets – with an extremely high efficiency, over 90 per cent.


5      A log home is considered to be one of the healthiest living environments. There are no chemicals, plastics or formaldehyde used. It is a breathable house that doesn’t produce condensation and is a positive environment for asthma and allergy sufferers.


6      Aesthetics are subjective but natural products are becoming the most popular and valued materials in every aspect of our lives. They are appreciated and recognised as the most visually pleasing and they compliment our environment. Natural timber finishes are now popular over concrete on apartment blocks.


7      We also promote energy efficiency and renewable and sustainable energy standards such as solar etc to run the house. We use recycled paper insulation that is now processed in Co. Cork. We have a blower machine for installation. We use salvage slate, brick and cast iron radiators. (plate 1 & 2)

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