Hedgerows of Co. Wicklow

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There is little respect for nature in our area. The council  seem to allow the decimation of our hedgerows and the construction of concrete garden walls. In Greenan a neighbour cut down a number of oak trees and a hedgerow and built a concrete block wall as a replacement. Further down the Glenmalure valley a local farmer cut down a magnificent Chestnut tree. When asked Why? he replied (trees) “They’re dirty, they put  leaves all over my new tarmac drive”.

A neighbour who is part of the “Pure Mile” project told me they were trimming the hedgerows, so I advised him not to touch ours as we spent a lot time and money planting the hedgerow. I went away for the day and when I returned they had almost destroyed a lovely mature Oak at the start of our hedgerow. He was mortified, that his volunteers had damaged our hedge. This man is not a farmer, just a local zealot.
We are probably the only development that has replanted indigenous trees and bushes in order to preserve the Nature in our area. Tourists keep returning to Ireland because of the beauty of our natural environment, yet Wicklow Planning Authority
want to destroy the natural beauty. Why? Because they have that power.
In the words of a local architect friend of mine, “Wicklow Planning Authority is full of nasty people.”

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